Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Vacation - Tallulah Falls

 Once again, we decided to escape Florida for a bit and head to the mountains. I just love it there! And the fact that it was actually winter up there, as opposed to the 80° temperatures we had been (and still are) having in Florida. This trip was our third time visiting, and this time, Mike's parents went with us. The first day we mostly traveled and got settled in.

 The next day we headed down to Mountain City, GA to see Black Rock Mountain. We were hoping to find snow there again, and sure enough we did! Of course, the mountain top is closed in December, but we were hoping to go back to the Foxfire Museum, however they were closed that day.

From there we headed further south to Tallulah Falls.We've been to all these places, but we thought his parents would enjoy it. We only did the upper part of the park this time, his dad wouldn't have been able to do the stairs.

 It's so pretty here. My camera just doesn't do it justice. Layla was afraid to walk all the way over to where Blake is here. 

 After exploring there, we headed the rest of the way up to the Inspiration Point, which is almost 1000 feet above the gorge floor. Here's Morgan helping Poppie up the trail.

 Some holly we found on the trail.

  After we explored the gorge, we decided to go check out the nearby overlook.

It was on the porch of a little shop & BBQ restaurant. This old wagon was out on the porch holding cider for sale.

 It's hard to tell from this photo, but the gorge is a long way down there.

 The shop was full of things... jelly & cider, pottery and crafts made by locals, snacks, toys, soap & more. It also had lots of antiques stashed here and there. Like this old weight machine.

 These two old coolers were holding sodas. The Pepsi one wasn't cold, but the Coke one was.

 I loved this old bathtub holding soaps for sale.

 And this with the Burts Bees!

I'll be back with the rest of our trip soon!

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