Monday, February 11, 2013

Classroom Valentine's & Sweet Brown Valentine DIY

 This year we ended up doing three different Valentine's for the kids. Blake didn't want to at first, guess he's outgrowing all that. But after he found a meme online he liked, he was okay with it.

 First up is Layla's. I let her choose several colors of embroidery thread. It wasn't until last night that I discovered she had chosen a rainbow!

 Happy scraps.

 I tried teaching her how to braid so she could help, but she was tired and getting frustrated, so I finished them up. 15 for her class, and two for her and her best friend.

 I printed out this tag and had her add her name to each one. Then I punched it out with a scallop punch, added small holes for the bracelets and strung them through.

 I think they turned out really cute!

Since Morgan is much younger, I wanted to do something different for her. She chose these bouncy balls from Target the other day and then I found this printable online.

Since there are only five kids in her class, I put two balls in each bag, and added the tag. I do not have a stapler, so I had to improvise.

 I used this contraption that I have from scrapbooking. I don't know the brand or what it's called off hand, but it attaches the little plastic things that keep the tags on your clothes in the store. Whatever works, right?

 Now for Blake's... like I said, he didn't want to do them. And I was fine with that, he's in 5th grade. But then he found a meme of Sweet Brown that related to Valentine's Day. I told him I could make something similar, so he said okay. So I ended up with what you see above.

 It's not perfect, but he was happy with it. I just copied an image from Google Images and added the lettering in Paint. He found these Airheads in the dollar spot at Target and wanted to use them, so I attached one to each valentine with washi tape.

 And there you have it. 43 Valentine's finished and ready to go. And with 3 days to spare! What are your kids passing out this year?

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