Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vacation Finds

One good thing about having a husband who enjoys antiques as much as I do, is that we can go junkin on vacation! Plus we usually find better deals on things he likes, especially old farm equipment. There seems to be way more of those types of things up in North Carolina than down here in Florida. I did forget to include his treasures in this photo however! These are my finds from our December trip to North Carolina & Georgia. Minus my ornaments.

I had already packed them away when I took the photos for this post, but you can see the ornaments I found in this Instagram photo. I never find vintage ornaments here. I found one at the thrift store once, and it's since been shattered. And I picked up two single ones at an event downtown, but I really don't ever find the full boxes like this, at least not at a good price. I found these at an antique shop in Georgia 50% off.

I love old bottles, especially the colored ones. I found this purple one at an antique shop in North Carolina. 

I'm always looking to add to my insulator collection, especially when they are only a dollar or two.

I typically don't buy Pyrex at an antique store, because let's face it, they are usually very expensive. But we stopped at this junky looking flea market type thing and I found this Pyrex mug for $.25. Sold.

I have been wanting a vintage sale for quite some time, but they are usually out of my price range. This happens to be a postal scale, not a kitchen scale, but I like it and the price was right. 

This is stamped in to the bottom of the scale. I did some researching via Google and found other scales by this company, but not this one. The only thing I could find was a text article that mentioned it. Could it really be this old?

I think I'm going to hang this old xylophone on the wall. Possibly near the abacus, if I ever get around to hanging it.

It's made of wood, not plastic, and the date says 1964.

This old milk crate was only $6 and was begging me to take it home. So I did.

It has slots inside for all the milk bottles, so it doesn't work too well for storage, but it found a home on top of my refrigerator, along with my Kromex collection & a Pepsi crate from my husbands home town.

Another thing I hardly ever find is quilts. I mean, yea, I find them in shops sometimes, but they are SO expensive. I only have 3 in my collection, and one of them is probably a cutter. And while this one here isn't a quilt, just the top, I fell in love with the colors.

Who doesn't love red & aqua?

Just a close up of the stitching on the back.

What about you, have you found anything good lately?

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chrissy said...

i adore vintage linens and that quilt is gorgeous! and twenty-five cents for that adorably quirky mug? yes, please! great finds.

Cheapchick said...

I collect vintage Christmas ornaments but only usually find them in November and January (when people are pulling them out and packing them up) at the thrift stores. Great finds! I love that scale. Found you from Thrift Share Monday. Cheers!

Wendy said...

These are all such great vintage (true vintage) pieces!!! Awesome finds!!!

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