Thursday, February 7, 2013

Winter Vacation - Downtown Franklin, NC

 For our last full day in North Carolina, we decided to spend the day downtown. One of our stops was at the Franklin Gem & Mineral Museum. We went last time, but we figured Mike's dad would like it. 

 It's inside of what was the jail in Franklin. This was used until the 1970s.

 "Historical graffiti."

This was just a neat looking piece of glass that was on display.
We stopped for lunch at Motor Company Grill. Delicious food & a fun atmosphere!

While we were downtown, we decided to look around some of the shops, including antique shops. We also did some shopping when we went to Georgia. This is some of what I brought home. I'll save the details for another post.
 After a cold but enjoyable day exploring downtown, we headed back to the house to relax. The weather forecast on my phone had said there was a 30% chance of snow, so I had my fingers crossed. And sure enough, it started snowing!

The girls had a blast trying to catch the snow with their tongues. They may or may not be in their pjs with wet hair.

 I'm not even gonna lie, I was outside several times taking photos. This was our first time ever experiencing it really snowing! It did actually snow just a tiny bit our first day there, but very little.

 This was the last photo I took of Mike's truck. A pretty good amount had piled up in a short of amount of time. We were really hoping it would still be there in the morning, but I wanted as many pictures as I could just in case it wasn't. Two more posts and this trip will be finished. :)

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