Friday, March 18, 2011

Cats + Kids + Insulators

Equals distaster. I took this picture back in December but had never posted it. I've since added a few more back to my collection, but no aqua ones yet. Oh, and I am getting very close to 200 followers! I'd like to have a giveaway when I hit 200, so if you have a shop & would like to donate something, please get in touch with me! Thanks everyone!


Tiff said...

Yikes! Hope no one was hurt.
I've lost many a collectible to my kids(and hubby).

Katrina Allen said...

Wendy, I found your site through Housing a Forest and have been perusing through your archives. I've even pinned a few of your amazing party ideas for the distant future when I actually have kids. (Hmm, do you think pinterest will be around by then?)

Anyway, I came across this post and wanted to comment. First of all, I have a growing collection of insulators too and since our dining/living/kitchen has turqu0ise thread throughout I have a few of the blueish ones. I'm not local to you so unfortunately the places I go won't help you. But I am wondering what you do with them. I've used a few in table centerpieces and have seen a lot of garden art at a local shop with them, and some super fancy pendant lights that use them online. So since you seem to have great ideas, I was hoping you could share with me how you've used your insulators in your house!



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