Friday, March 25, 2011

A Quick Spring Update

Can you believe I've never made one of these rosettes? Of course I see them everywhere, and love them, but I just hadn't gotten around to it I guess. So since it's spring I decided to break out one of the purses I got at Target last year and give it a quick update. I put a pin on the back of mine.
And pinned it on my purse! I love the bright colors and even though I don't wear orange much, I've really been liking it lately. And I love the way it looks with bright blue.

Now Layla wants some. I have a question for everyone. Would you like to see Frugal Friday continue? I've added a poll at the top of the page, just below my banner. Please take a moment & vote! And if you would like to see it continue, what sorts of things would you like to see? Thanks!

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Natalia Lynn said...

I haven't made one either, but they are so cute! Good work for your first one!

Lynn said...

I like Frugal Friday - but it's hard to have something to post once a week - I have an easier time linking up to things that are once a month - maybe do like the first Friday of every month, or something like that? I'd love to see it continue either way!

Kaity-Bug Crafts said...

I gave you a blog award!

roseylittlethings said...

super cute , I have been wanting to make some too!


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