Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Plea For Help

Normally I woudln't ask about something like this, but I could really use your help if you'd be willing (please?). My local newspaper is running a Funniest Feline Contest, and my crazy cat, Poof, has made it into the finals! $200 is on the line here and I could really use it, so I'm begging asking you to please take a moment & vote for Poof? You do have to register but it's really quick, and you don't get unwanted emails. You can vote once per day. So thank you in advance if you are willing to help! Just follow the link in the image below.


Tiff said...

I just voted for your Poof. You better start calling friends and using facebook though, it looks like that fat kitty has a fan club.

Good luck and if you win you better buy Poof some yummy treats :)

Natalia Lynn said...

I just voted for ya! Yay for gift cards!


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